The MackinFunds Disaster Relief Program helps to replace school and library collections that have been damaged or destroyed, such as by a tornado or hurricane.

Mackin ships materials free of charge and shelf-ready with spine labels, barcodes, and downloadable information for the libraries’ circulation systems – ensuring that schools get the most value from every donation. Mackin also contacts local and national media sources for the affected school or library to spread the word and encourage donations.

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Donate Now More than 4 trillion gallons of water fell on Louisiana Aug. 12-14, 2016. The Amite River held enough water to cause tributaries to back up because there was no place for the water to go. The backed up tributaries contributed to the flooding throughout East Baton Rouge Parish. The flooding left some schools severely damaged including Brookstown Middle, Glen Oaks High, Glen Oaks Park Elementary, Greenbrier Elementary, Howell Park Elementary, Park Forest Elementary, and Park Forest Middle. The school libraries underwent damage as the schools lost the majority of their collection including books and learning materials.

After this disaster the buzzword everyone is using is normalcy. It really makes you think how that should be defined. Many of us consider normalcy as having a working car, living in a home or even returning to work. What does that mean to a child? It is connecting with school friends, having school supplies but also having a book. We want to support these school libraries so they can replenish their collections. Let’s bring back the normalcy to these school libraries and students.

Note: If you would like to donate to a specific school, please indicate that in the Private Message section.