100% of EVERY DONATION is used to purchase educational resources available on Mackin.com.

The MackinFunds Disaster Relief Program helps to replace school and library collections that have been damaged or destroyed by adversities such as rain, floods, tornadoes or hurricanes.

Mackin ships materials free of charge and shelf-ready with spine labels, barcodes, and downloadable information for the libraries’ circulation systems – ensuring that schools get the most value from every donation.

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Texas and Florida

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Relief Funds

It's during times of tragedy when our community, and our country, show the strength and depth of our true character. The catastrophic floods and aftermath of August 2017’s historic rain event in Texas and the incredibly powerful and destructive 150 mile per hour winds of Hurricane Irma in Florida has all of us at Mackin, like you all, wanting to help in whatever way we can.

This website has been designed to collect donations from all across the country and around the world. The MackinFunds program was created to gather and then give back 100% of all the funds that are collected to help rebuild the damaged and decimated library collections in those schools that have been adversely affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

MackinFunds.com will accept donations of any size and allow you to donate to a general fund or choose a specific damaged school library. Mackin will also donate an additional 10% of all funds collected.

We recognize that this endeavor of healing and rebuilding is a marathon, not a sprint. True to our sense of compassion, and our nature, we will be here for the long haul, helping our friends and families in Texas and Florida to once again stand tall.

Working together, we can all quickly help rebuild these damaged or lost collections.